2014 Volunteer of the Year – Vickie Prather

Long Distance Award

Dale & Rozanne Buck 1937 Chev P/U

Motorcycle Early

Scott Hall 1931 Brough FS100

Motorcycle Late

Larry Burke 1941 Indian 441

Motorcycle Custom

Jeff Roth 1917 Henderson Model G

Sportiest Foreign

Richard Petre 1967 Jaguar XKE

Sportiest Domestic

Rick Mast 1961 Corvette

Truck – Early

Dale & Rozanne Buck 1937 Chev P/U

Truck – Late

Rick Prather 1972 Chevy P/U

Truck Custom

Todd Pearce 1955 Chevy P/U


Gary Cushenbery 1965 Coronet


Gary Cushenbery 1955 Chev Conv


Bruce Ricks 1956 Ford Suncammer

Street Machine

Eric Tornquist 1967 Camaro

Muscle Machine

Mike & Suzanne Buchanan 1973 Camaro

Street Rod

Larry Ashley 1932 Ford

Hot Rod

Troy Pate 1931 Ford Coupe

Timeless Traditional

Michael Behrendt 1934 Ford 5-window


Bob Moorhouse 1963 Bel Aire


Eugene Vik 1951 Ford

Slick and Smooth

Jack Marinelli 1951 Ford

Suede and Chrome

Steve Bahm 1935 Ford 3-w Coupe

Way Cool Wagon

Floyd Dutton 1958 Edsel Wagon

A Little Off the Top

Mac Knighton 1937 Ford Coupe


Richard Little 2000 Chevy P/U

Fat Fendered

Richard Carlon 1939 Ford Tudor

Just ‘Cause It’s Neat

Larry and Maggie Jenkins 1953 Buick Convertible

Memory Lane

Nikki Belford 1950 Ford Conv

Rising Star

Jeremy Watson 1968 Mustang

Right-On Resto

Morrie Soderberg 1947 Ford Pickup

Pure Class

Bill Johnson 1956 Nomad


Ron Sell 1933 Pontiac 3-w

Favorite Car Club – 3rd Place

Corvette Club

Favorite Car Club – 2nd Place

Antique MC Club

Favorite Car Club – 1st Place


Mike Berry – Wichita On Wheels Favorite

Derrel Bosley 1932 Ford Hi-boy

KKOA Favorite

Goran Lassell 1948 Mercury Coupe

NSRA Favorite

Brian Boatright 1935 Ford PU

Good Guys Favorite

Leon Humphrey 1936 Ford 3-W Coupe

Darryl’s Favorite

Steve Cook 1969 Camaro

Jeff’s Favorite

Al & Carol Enfield 1950 Merc 2d cp

Mike’s Favorite

Leonard Wren 1940 Willys Gasser

Trey’s Favorite

Michael Behrendt 1934 Ford 5-window

Carl’s Favorite

Gary Hagar 1965 Pontiac GTO

John’s Favorite

Kyle Feikert 1969 Camaro

Dick’s Favorite

Floyd Dutton 1958 Edsel Wagon

Tom’s Favorite

Marvin Meyer 1957 Chev BelAir

Tim’s Favorite

Goran Lassell 1948 Mercury Coupe

Magnificent 7 Favorite

Deral Knight 1959 Corvette

Magnificent 7 Favorite

Dick Stevens 1956 Chev Conv

Magnificent 7 Favorite

Mike Campbell 1949 Ford Sedan

Magnificent 7 Favorite

Lawrence Smith Delage D-8N

Magnificent 7 Favorite – 3rd Place

John Bedenbender 1962 Impala

Magnificent 7 Favorite – 2nd Place

Pat Holmes 1948 Chevy P/U

Magnificent 7 Favorite – 1st Place

Alan Beers 1957 Chev P/U