2017 Volunteer – Dean & Cort Ryalls

Long Distance Award

Nels Linde 1932 Roadster


Steve & Colletta McGregor 1967 BSA Hornet

Sportiest Foreign

Brandon Huyrh 2008 Lamborghini Superleggera

Sportiest Domestic

Dan McCarty 1957 Corvette

Truck – Early

Don & Linda Casner 1934 Ford PU

Truck – Late

Gary Hagar 1967 Ford F100

Truck Custom

Greg Gonzales 1945 Chevy Truck


Richard Johnson 1969 Charger


Wayne & Vickie Finger 1968 Chevelle SS396


Tony Kondrotis 1969 Mustang Mach 1

Street Machine

Jim Maybrier 1955 Chevy 2-dr

Muscle Machine

Sam Bidwell 1963 Chevy Biscayne

Pro Touring

David Hutchison 1968 Camaro RS/SS

Cool Cruiser

Delwin & Virginia Everhart 1952 Mercury Monterey

Street Rod

Rex & Denise Sageser 1940 Ford Coupe

Hot Rod

Vivian Pearce 1930 Ford Roadster

Timeless Traditional

Ernie Nelson 1955 Thunderbird


Rich Theiler 1950 Buick Sedanette


Jeff Myers 1957 Ford Fairlane

Slick and Smooth

Bill & Donna Stark 1939 Chevy Coupe

Best Bitchin’

Nels Linde 1932 Roadster

Way Cool Wagon

Ted Parrish 11956 Pontiac Safari

A Little Off the Top

Franchot & Raellen Duncan 1940 Chevy 2-dr Sedan


Perry Siebert 1951 Mercury

Fat Fendered

Douglas C. Mehl 1940 Ford Standard

Just ‘Cause It’s Neat

Curtis Rink 1938 Minneapolis-Moline UDLX

Memory Lane

Julius & Michelle Wright 1959 Corvette Convertible

Rising Star

Meridith & Steve Dale 1922 Ford Bucket T

Way Cool

Nick Mardis 1932 Ford 3window Coupe

Right-On Resto

Mark Eaton 1974 Bronco

Pure Class

Bill Jones, Jr 1941 Packard Convertible


Tom & Dawna Ruggles 1909 EMF Touring

Kids Pick

Jesse Matlock 1971 Plymouth Cuda

Favorite Car Club – 2nd Place

2017 Marauders

Favorite Car Club – 1st Place

2017 T-Birds

Mike Berry – Wichita On Wheels Favorite

Ron Calabretto 1937 Ford Coupe

KKOA Favorite

James Allen 1952 Buick Special

NSRA Favorite

Gregg & Susan Elkins 1941 Chevy Sedan Delivery

Good Guys Favorite

Joe & Claire Thompson 1932 Ford Roadster

Peoples Choice

Mark Eaton 1957 Corvette

Dick’s Favorite (Carlon)

Seth Schroer 1927 Kansas Tornado

John’s Favorite (Saindon)

Steve & Kathy Hosier 1964 Mercury Comet

Mark’s Favorite

Wayne & Vickie Finger 1968 Chevelle SS396

Drew’s Favorite

Mark Eaton 1957 Corvette

Jeff’s Favorite

Greg Gonzales 1945 Chevy Truck

Mike’s Favorite

Lanny Mai 1964 Plymouth Savoy

Trey’s Favorite

Mark Eaton 1974 Bronco

Carl’s Favorite

Larry Smith 1934 Ford

John’s Favorite

Dan McCarty 1957 Corvette

Dick’s Favorite

Bob Hendricks 1969 Cougar Conv

Tom’s Favorite

Bruce Ricks 1957 Oldsmobile Wagon

Tim’s Favorite

Rick Doughty 1949 Pontiac Silverstreak

Magnificent 7 Favorite

Lanny Mai 1962 Chev Impala

Magnificent 7 Favorite

Todd Widhalm 1962 Chev Impala

Magnificent 7 Favorite

Mark Stuchel 1963 Ford Galaxie

Magnificent 7 Favorite

Mick Schroeder 1970 Mustang

Magnificent 7 Favorite

Bobby & Karen Schumacher 1969 Mustang

Magnificent 7 Favorite

Jesse Matlock 1971 Plymouth Cuda

Magnificent 7 Favorite – Winner

Ron Kitchens 1956 Chevy Cameo PU